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Listen to Music Clips of Songs from the Music Soundtrack of
Midwinter Turns to Spring
Listen   I'll Remember You
Listen   Midwinter Turns to Spring
Listen   La Ultima Vez (instrumental)
Listen   From Where I Stand
Listen   Let Me Come Eagerly
Listen   The Dusk of Savannah
Listen   Time and Space
Listen   Out On a Limb
Listen   In the Morning As You Sleep
Listen   Let Our Souls Touch
Listen   La Ultima Vez (Spanish Vocals)
Midwinter Turns to Spring is the very first novel that comes with its own music soundtrack consisting of Flamenco-flavored pop ballads and an instrumental theme song.  (The companion CD is attached to the inside back cover of the book.)

NOTE: Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, Inc. has a patent pending on the novel-with-music-soundtrack platform).

Most of the songs were written by the author, Maria Veloso. and the music CD soundtrack was produced, arranged, co-written and performed by Zendrik.  Guest Female Vocalist:  Seana Fisher


I'll Remember You
(Music: Zendrik, Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

I'll remember you from distant dreams
I'll remember your face, carved in my soul it seems
And my moment with you
Here will remain
But as seasons recur
We will love again ...

Midwinter Turns to Spring
(Music and Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

I remember autumn years ago
The amber days and nights of indigo
Oh my love
All the seasons in the world
Will never fade the thought of you
Sparrows fly on their way to you
And if I knew the way, I'd hurry, too
Midwinter turns to spring
But I remember things I never said to you ...

From Where I Stand

(Music and Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

...And when I see you framed
In the doorway of my mind
No one else can dare compare
None ever I may find
And from where I stand or sit or lie
Even as the world goes by
You're all that I care to view
Time stops when I look at you
The stars can sleep tonight...

Let Me Come Eagerly
(Music and Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

Let me come eagerly to her
Let me remember
In her arms there's no doubt
Let me know there'll be no one else but her
And that she's everything
That my life's all about
Let me be strong for her
Steadfast in my love for her
Let me remember she has dreams as well as I
Let me be faithful when
Temptation rears its head
Let me look forward to be with her
All my life ...

The Dusk of Savannah

(Music: Zendrik, Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

Emerald strings
Playing the music of fresh fallen rain
Vagabond wind
Blowing through meadows to wither the pain
I sat and watched the dusk
     fall on her face
Where could I stand on tiptoe
     and not see all the madness ...

Time and Space

(Music and Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

If you want to know
     if I need some time, I do
But the time I need
     is the time to spend with you
If you want to know
     if I need some space, I do
But the space I need
     is the space right next to you ...

Out on a Limb

(Music: Zendrik, Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

The point beyond that which most men won't go
There are worlds that I must come to know
And this realm is just the interim
And so I dare to go out on a limb
Out on a limb I go
Never turning back
Out on a limb I go
Closer and closer to me ...

In the Morning As You Sleep
(Music: Zendrik, Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

You are a sunbeam in clover
As you sleep through bliss, I discover
You steal my heart away
I breathe in
Love's sweet aroma upon you
Wander through meadows inside you
To a place I've never been

All day I seek the sweetness of your face
I feel a hush that's deeper than I've known
Through the winter of life
My heart will always be with you, love
All of my life
I'll fall into you ...

Let Our Souls Touch
(Music and Lyrics: Zendrik)

Let our souls touch
Let our minds meet
Let our bodies express our love
I'll be with you
Never bid adieu
This love was sent from above ...

La Ultima Vez
(Music and Lyrics: Maria Veloso)

La ultima vez
Te fuiste de prisa, sin decir adios
Se que tenias razon
Pero no quise saber
No te quise detener
La ultima vez
Se que quisistes decir
Como el viento te fuiste sin volver
Sin voltear paratras
Ni una vez

and its companion music CD
of the same title


A percentage of the net proceeds from Midwinter Turns to Spring and its companion music CD is donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to world hunger relief and poverty reduction.


Midwinter Turns to Spring
by Maria Veloso
Copyright © 2005 Maria Veloso