Midwinter Turns to Spring

The very first novel that

comes with its own music soundtrack

"A phenomenally important work … pioneering a next-generation genre in fiction…"

"One of the most beautiful, moving novels I’ve read ..."

"This book is life-changing …”

"I’ve read this book 5 times … and memorized the words to all the songs ...”

"The best love story of all time …”



The story begins when Cassidy Hamilton, a San Francisco woman, moves into a Victorian apartment and discovers a hidden drawer tucked behind the baseboard of a china cabinet. Inside the drawer is the journal of Savannah Curtis, a woman who lived in the same Victorian apartment twenty-six years earlier.


The journal reveals the story of Alfonso Madrigál, a Spanish flamenco guitarist, who meets Savannah, an artist and art appraiser when he seeks to authenticate a painting that is thought to be the work of Pablo Picasso.


A beautiful romance develops between them against all odds, and their story is set against a backdrop of the hauntingly sexy, mysterious and exotic Flamenco culture, and punctuated by the mystery involving an 1897 painting with a pentimento (a painting beneath a painting) that takes 26 years to come to the surface, coinciding with the time it took for Alfonso and Savannah to find each other again after losing each other in a heart-wrenching separation in 1977.


The events that began on the day Alfonso and Savannah met irretrievably change both their lives and the lives of those who knew them, ending in a dramatic convergence of past and present generations, rich relationships between the main characters and six supporting characters, and profound spiritual insights rarely found in a romantic drama.


Real Raves from Real Readers


“A Phenomenally Important Work … Pioneering a Next-generation Genre in Fiction…”

"Midwinter Turns to Spring is a phenomenally important work that represents the synergistic fusion of prose and music. Maria Veloso is pioneering a next-generation genre in fiction that incorporates profound insights, a message of transcendence and extraordinary songwriting."

-- Tony Trupiano, host of nationally syndicated "Tony Trupiano Show"


"One of the Most Beautiful, Moving Novels I’ve Read ..."

"Midwinter Turns to Spring is one of the most beautiful, moving and emotionally satisfying novels I've read in a long time. The message that comes through shines with so much hope, grace, redemption -- and stands as such a powerful picture of true, faithful love, that I can only weep and hope that it will reach and heal many people. This novel humbles me and challenges me to deeper definitions of love."

-- Diane Eble, author of Abundant Gifts and MotherStyles


"This Book is Life-Changing …”

"Amazing! This is the best book I've ever read! I did not want it to end! I loved listening to the music soundtrack while reading the book -- what an unforgettable experience. This is life-changing -- it certainly changed my views on life. The messages, emotions, and definitions of love given in this book should be shared with the world."

-- Dominique Daniel, Diamond Bar, California


"The Best Love Story of All Time …"

"I cry every time I think about Midwinter Turns to Spring. I remember the words Alfonso said to Savannah, "I love the entire universe of you..." I won't spoil the story for those who haven't read it yet, but I'm getting teary-eyed now just remembering the words. This truly qualifies as the best love story of all time."

-- Laura Carter-Leeds, East Haven, CT


"I Give This Book a Standing Ovation!”

"AMAZING!!! I give this book a standing ovation! The novel was so hard to put down that I finished reading it in 11 hours. The ending was wonderful -- oh, and the music (I put it on Repeat) is definitely an added attraction! The duets are truly beautiful."

-- D. Yells, Oceanside, California


“I Cried Through All the Songs …”

"When I received Midwinter Turns to Spring in the mail, before even reading the book, I listened to the CD. I don't know what came over me but I cried through all the songs because they moved me. I later got the chance to read the entire novel, and I'm convinced that it, too, will touch many people's lives and give renewed hope for those who have been hurt by love or have stopped believing in love."

– Gregory S., Hollywood, California


"Touches Your Soul and Uplifts Your Spirit…”

"I enjoyed Midwinter Turns to Spring so much -- it was such a lovely story, so well-written from beginning to end. I cried on numerous occasions throughout this book. My husband got as engrossed in the story as I was. When I finally finished reading the book, I just fell into his arms and broke down sobbing. The whole package is beautifully done -- from the book cover to the companion music CD. It's simply marvelous -- and this book should be made into a movie"

-- Nadine Parker, Denver, Colorado


"Riveting … I Devoured It in One Evening!”

"The story of Midwinter Turns to Spring was riveting. It enthralled me -- I couldn't put it down, and devoured it in one evening, ending with tears rolling down my face. The art and music references intrigued me. The characters are richly depicted, and the thoughts and inferences appealing. I highly recommend this book."

-- Gisela Dalrymple, Bellingham, Washington


“I’m 100% Smitten over This Beautifully Original Work…”

"I'm in love with Midwinter Turns to Spring! When I started reading it, I was instantly immersed, fell in love with the characters -- and my heart broke in pieces upon reading parts of the story. The music is incredible -- I love the tone and feeling of the lyrics, melody and the guitar -- I'm captivated! And the romance is beautiful without being overly sentimental. I'm under its spell -- and am 100% smitten over this beautifully original work!"

-- Kate Raina, Scapoose, Oregon


“This Left Me Speechless and in Tears …”

"I just finished reading Midwinter Turns to Spring – it left me speechless and in tears. Magnifico!!! And bravo on a story well told. This is as beautiful as a love story can be -- you couldn't have done a better job. Now that I've finished reading the novel, the songs on the soundtrack seem even more captivating in the context of the story.”

- A.D.G., Dublin, California


“One of the Best Love Stories I’ve Ever Read…”

"Wow! I just finished reading Midwinter Turns to Spring and I can't say enough good things about this novel and accompanying CD. This novel is one of the best love stories I've ever read. The accompanying CD really took me to a whole new level while reading the story! I just became so engrossed in the story I felt like I was watching a movie as I proceeded through the book. "

-- Heather Arcuri, Cary, North Carolina


"It Moved Me to Tears …"

"Midwinter Turns to Spring deeply and profoundly touched me -- and moved me to tears. It's as though the author gathered all the gems from Gone with the Wind, Thorn Birds, Bridges of Madison County, and The Notebook and crafted them into the exquisite crown jewels that comprise this novel."

-- Sydney Morgan, Los Angeles, California


“A Touching, Beautifully Written Love Story … This Book Rocks!”

"I love Midwinter Turns to Spring!!! I can't remember the last time I cried reading a novel. The book has given me a renewed sense of hope about love. It is such a touching, beautifully written love story. And the way the author described every place and thing and feeling was as if I was there. I've been telling everyone that this is a must-read book!! This book rocks!"

-- Marilen Ojeda, San Francisco, California


"I’ve Read This Book 5 Times … And Memorized the Words to All the Songs ...”

"I bought Midwinter Turns to Spring online, not knowing whether I would like it or not. I truly enjoyed this novel that in the last 7 months, I've read it 5 times! I've also listened to the music soundtrack CD so often that I've memorized the words to all the songs. I've been telling everyone about this book, and have bought many copies to give away as gifts -- even to friends and family members who live overseas. It's that good!"

-- Eric Alcasid, Northridge, California


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The Novel That Sings!  Immerse yourself in the multi-media experience of the only novel that comes with its own music soundtrack.  The flamenco-inspired music gives a whole new dimension to novel reading.


About the Author

Maria Veloso is the author of 9 non-fiction books in the health and wellness genre, a business book (Web Copy That Sells, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Edition), and is also a songwriter based in Beverly Hills, California. Midwinter Turns to Spring is her first novel. She co-wrote all the songs on the Midwinter Turns to Spring music soundtrack.