Midwinter Turns to Spring

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The Novel That Sings! Immerse yourself in the multi-media experience of the only novel that comes with its own music soundtrack. The flamenco-inspired music gives a whole new dimension to novel reading. (The music CD is attached to the inside back cover of the book).


The story begins when Cassidy Hamilton, a San Francisco woman, moves into a Victorian apartment and discovers a hidden drawer tucked behind the baseboard of a china cabinet. Inside the drawer is the journal of Savannah Curtis, a woman who lived in the same Victorian apartment twenty-six years earlier.

The journal reveals the story of Alfonso Madrigál, a Spanish flamenco guitarist, who meets Savannah, an artist and art appraiser when he seeks to authenticate a painting that is thought to be the work of Pablo Picasso.

A beautiful romance develops between them against all odds, and their story is set against a backdrop of the hauntingly sexy, mysterious and exotic Flamenco culture, and punctuated by the mystery involving an 1897 painting with a pentimento (a painting beneath a painting) that takes 26 years to come to the surface, coinciding with the time it took for Alfonso and Savannah to find each other again after losing each other in a heart-wrenching separation in 1977.

The events that began on the day Alfonso and Savannah met irretrievably change both their lives and the lives of those who knew them, ending in a dramatic convergence of past and present generations, rich relationships between the main characters and six supporting characters, and profound spiritual insights rarely found in a romantic drama.

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