Real Raves from Real Readers


"This Book has had a Profound Effect on me ... I Am Moved Beyond Words!"

"I'm in love with Midwinter Turns to Spring -- the book has had a profound effect on me, and I am moved beyond words! When I started reading it, I was instantly immersed, fell in love with the characters -- and my heart broke in pieces upon reading parts of the story. The music is incredible -- I love the tone and feeling of the lyrics, melody and the guitar -- I'm captivated! And the romance is beautiful without being overly sentimental. I'm under its spell -- and am 100% smitten over this beautifully original work!

"I have never read a book like this. It is so deeply touching and satisfying on so many levels - intellectually, creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. There are so many details of such interest throughout the book which makes it spring alive, I feel like these are real actual people with the full rich range of real personal histories. So many concepts, places and ideas are presented that create such interest and captivation in me, I have found myself googling all diverse kinds of things, places, ideas and such to learn more about things presented so fluidly throughout.

"The last third of the book was such a stunning and engaging roller-coaster ride -- and it was beautiful beyond my imagination. I also cried many many times in the book, so many moments are so deeply touching. I've just rarely ever been so moved by anything. My heart is full of love for these characters and their story, and for what it all expresses. Now that I've finished reading the novel, I miss the characters and their world already and am planning on reading the novel again.

"The book has also stirred in me this new passion to be the very best version of myself I can be, to be true to the nature of love, and not to forget it. The concept and deep truths about love expressed in the novel resonate so much within my heart. At several moments in the book, I was reminded of the power, the meaning, the purpose, and the unifying truth and presence of love. I just loved this book -- what a beautiful ride and journey, and a wonderful blessing!!!"

-- Kate Raina, Scappoose, Oregon


"This Book is Life-Changing …”

"I just finished reading Midwinter Turns to Spring last night! Amazing! This is the best book I've ever read! I did not want it to end! I loved listening to the music soundtrack while reading the book, curled up on my sofa with a glass of wine -- what an unforgettable experience!

"The messages, emotions, and definitions of love given in this book should be shared with the world. Maria Veloso is an amazingly talented writer. Before I read this book, I had stopped believing in love because of so many marriages I've seen end up in divorce. This book made me believe that love does exist and is something one can find if one chooses to. This book also strengthened my faith in God and reminded me to trust in him and follow his plan for my life. This book is life-changing -- it certainly changed my views on life. I've recommended this to all my friends and will be ordering more copies to give away as gifts."

-- Dominique Daniel, Diamond Bar, California


"I've Read this Book 5 Times ... Memorized the Words to all the Songs ... and Bought Many Copies to Give Away as Gifts!"

"Midwinter Turns to Spring is a surprisingly attention-grabbing book that caught me pleasantly off-guard. I first bought this book online in mid-July of 2006, not knowing whether I would like it or not. It turns out I truly enjoyed this novel -- so much, in fact, that in the last 7 months, I've read it 5 times! I've also listened to the music soundtrack CD so often that I've memorized the words to all the songs. I've been telling everyone about this book, and have bought many copies to give away as gifts -- even to friends and family members who live overseas. It's that good!

"The story depicts a love between two people not shared by convenience, but by compassion and tenderness in the most unconditional sense.

"Midwinter Turns to Spring takes its readers on a roller coaster ride through its frustrations and rewards as two people find themselves entangled in the web of life's realities holding only to the seemingly lost love they have found for each other. It is a refreshing experience for people like me, a single father of three beautiful children, who once believed that unconditional love can never be found. The CD and book combination made the wonderful experience even better as it brings me back to the pages every time I play the lovely music. Midwinter Turns to Spring is a must read (and listen) for all people who choose to attain a meaningful lifelong love affair nurtured from the Heavens. Thank God, Maria Veloso, for giving you the gift of writing this novel. Thank you for sharing it with the world. God Bless."

-- Eric Alcasid, Northridge, California


"Touches Your Soul and Uplifts Your Spiri for Life and Love”

"I enjoyed Midwinter Turns to Spring so much -- it was such a lovely story, so believable and so well-written from beginning to end. The characters just came to life for me. Throughout the whole book, I was just riveted to it, and couldn't wait to find out what would happen in each chapter.

"I'm an artist by profession, and therefore, I loved the art aspect of the story -- it intrigued me and drew me into the world of the characters. I cried on numerous occasions throughout this book, but at the end when I read the letter from Christina to Savannah my heart just broke for them all.

"Whenever I read books, I usually tell the story to my husband as I go along -- and he got as engrossed in this story as I was. When I finally finished reading the book and was trying to tell him the ending, I just fell into his arms and broke down sobbing. I was so happy with the ending and I just had to fall in love with the character of Alfonso. The whole package is beautifully done -- from the book cover to the companion music CD. It's simply marvelous -- and I told my husband this book needs a big audience, and should be made into a movie -- I'd love to see it come alive on the big screen because the story is so lovely. Maria Veloso is an incredible writer -- I wish she'd write more novels like this." CD. It's simply marvelous -- and this book should be made into a movie"

-- Nadine Parker, Denver, Colorado


"Relationship Wisdom ... that Made Me Jump up from my Reading"

"I loved the story told in the novel, but what I enjoyed, even more, were the relationship insights I derived from the story. While reading the novel, I would come upon passages that had so much relationship wisdom that they made me jump up from my reading, find my husband, read the passages to him and tell him this is the way love should be. This novel dispelled many myths I used to believe about love. It taught me more about how to build a lasting relationship with my husband than most relationship books I’ve read."

-- Lori Jensen, Eclectic Book Club, Los Angeles, California


"One of the Best Love Stories I've Ever Read..."

"Wow! I just finished reading Midwinter Turns to Spring and I can't say enough good things about this novel and accompanying CD. What a literary piece of work! This novel is one of the best love stories I've ever read. The accompanying CD really took me to a whole new level while reading the story! I hope that the author plans to write another piece of work like this one. The author has such a gift for writing. I can honestly say I just became so engrossed in the story I felt like I was watching a movie as I proceeded through the book. What a wonderful idea and interesting concept to incorporate music into the story...I definitely had a deeper understanding and relationship with the characters while listening to the CD. The music is just beautiful. I've played the CD so often my 3-year-old now walks around humming the songs."

-- Heather Arcuri, Cary, North Carolina


"I'm in Surreal Awe..."

"When I started reading Midwinter Turns to Spring, I immediately fell in love with it and became an instant fan of Maria Veloso. The music that comes with the novel is so soothing, relaxing and enchanting -- I really, really love it. I'm in surreal awe of Maria's words and I savor her words as one would savor rich chocolate truffles. I've read and enjoyed novels like Bridges of Madison County, but this work reaches emotional heights seldom reached by other novels."

-- Celine Hamel, Walnut Creek, California


"I Heartily Recommend this Book ... a Unique Reading Experience with a Beautiful Music Soundtrack"

"I'm an avid book reader, and recently my son-in-law lent me a book titled Midwinter Turns to Spring written by first-time novelist, Maria Veloso. Many times throughout the book, it seemed that Veloso was using a camera rather than a pen -- so perfectly does she create a scene for the reader. What I loved most about this novel -- it was detailed, compassionate, with satisfyingly real and vivid characters. No brief description of this book can give a sense of the care that has gone into making it. I intend to follow Maria Veloso's budding career as an author and look forward to reading the prequel and sequel that I understand she's in the process of writing. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to enjoy a unique reading experience with a beautiful music soundtrack that both my husband and I enjoyed listening to."

-- Marlene Westerlund, Walnut Creek, California


"Unforgettable Story"

"Maria, all I can say is that you make poetry with words. It was heartwarming to read such a love story with pure depth of emotions like hope, faith and selfless love. The music -- oh the music -- gives me goose pimples whenever I listen to it. All I can say is we need you to keep making beautiful music and stories. Thank you so much for the unforgettable story."

-- Shikha Garg, Bangalore, India


"..Very insightful..."

"Midwinter Turns to Spring is very insightful on the many complexities of relationships -- spouses, lovers, parent/child. I am normally a fast reader but the beauty of the story, the words and poetry made me want to savour and linger on each and every word so as to make sure I am not missing a thing and at the end, I still wanted more! Thank you!"

-- Joy Magallanes, Los Angeles, California


"...a truly remarkable book..."

"If you haven't read Midwinter Turns to Spring (and listened to the music CD that goes with it) yet, you're sure missing a lot! On several occasions, while reading the novel, I stopped just to tell my wife what a truly remarkable book this is, and how amazed I am at the fine job of writing Maria Veloso has done. I'm accustomed to reading novels by John Grisham, and other action adventure and mystery thrillers, and I wasn't sure at first if Midwinter Turns to Spring would be the kind of novel I'd enjoy. But upon reading it, I realized that everyone would enjoy this book. My wife will be reading it, too, now that I've raved about it. And the music in the companion soundtrack is excellent, too. Zendrik is a great singer, and even my brother was very impressed with the songs on the CD when he came over to listen to them. But don't take my word for it. Enjoy both the novel and the music CD for yourself, and you won't regret doing so."

-- Doel Joaquin, Claremont, California



"I'm not one who's inclined towards fits of fantasy, but Midwinter Turns to Spring transported me to a place and a season I've never dared dream about, and I'll never forget the tender, yet exhilarating feelings I associate with the story, its unforgettable characters, and its timeless music."

-- Leslie Ebersole, Grayson, Georgia


A Heart-Wrenching Story

"I've never been a 'softy' -- and I don't cry over books. And I never did understand people who do. Therefore, it felt weird when I not only got choked up, but found myself sobbing at the end of Midwinter Turns to Spring. It's a heart-wrenching story, and the second time I read it, it stimulated my tear ducts yet again! Turned me into a Softy with a capital S."

-- Alexa Hill, Siloam Springs, Arkansas